Alarm Optimization


Alarms are one of the most important factors in safe and reliable plant operation. Fully considered alarm management lowers the risk of unplanned plant shutdown and reduces the amount of false alarms, allowing operators to focus on more important tasks.


At Netta Solutions we use our extensive knowledge about processes and control system configuration along with historical data analysis to provide a fully realized alarm system based on ISA standards.

Plant Performance Calculations


Netta Solutions provide power plant performance calculations based on ASME PTC standards. Results are either calculated in real time data or taken from control system historical data. Calculations are embedded into the process control system (PCS) or a manufacturing execution system (MES).


Performance calculators compare actual efficiencies with expected ones, providing valuable insight for maintenance planning. Moreover, our calculators separate efficiency losses into sections based on ASME PTC standards, thus showing which processes need to be optimized in order to increase efficiency of the whole plant.


The performance calculator is a data driven tool, enabling engineers to increase plant efficiency and availability.

Feasibility Studies


At Netta Solutions we have a wealth of experience in process control and automation which allows us to provide feasibility studies in all industrial sectors. We can provide the best solutions to even the most complex process control challenges.