At Netta Solutions we are experts in control system retrofit projects. We have completed power plant retrofit projects all over the world with loads up to 1.25 GW and fully manage the following steps:​

  • Old control system architecture and structure analysis

  • Building Functional Design Specification of the new control system

  • Research on plausible control structure improvements

  • Simulator and control system programming

  • Internal and external tests of control system design

  • Commissioning and startup on-site

Our experience and knowledge about retrofit project specifics allows us to provide customers with the best value retrofit solution within short time scales.



At Netta Solutions we have a team of experienced process control engineers able to provide control system structure and logic design. We also have specialists in on-site integration, therefore, the overall design will be done with regard to the actual type of control system to be installed.


By integrating control systems designed in-house we are able to ensure quality in all steps of control system implementation – from design and simulation to on-site programming and functional testing.



Netta Solutions provides programming of control systems services using various agile development methodologies.


We have created various libraries and software applications for customers to choose from, enabling them to find the best control system environment that suits their needs.


Netta Solutions has dedicated servers open to our customers meaning they can connect and have full visibility of project progress and development at all times.

Commissioning & Start-up Support


Commissioning and start-up support is the final stage of Netta Solutions’ project development activities. We can provide a team of experienced mechanical and I&C specialists who can lead or support start up and commissioning of an industrial process application. Our team is flexible and readily available to use our broad international experience for our customer’s commissioning needs.